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Meet Alexis

Alexis is a ray of sunshine and will be your best wedding planning friend! She has an eye for decor and centerpiece arrangement. Her passion is shown through her work. She will make sure your aisle, tables, and everything in between are the design you have been dreaming of. More than that Alexis knows the planning process and what it takes to make the logistics of the day go smoothly. 

Get to Know Alexis

Alexis has the kind of bubbly personality that you will instantly want to be friends with. She loves to work with people and make their dreams and visions come true. In her free time, she loves to make friends, go shopping, and travel. Alexis always is searching for the next adventure! 

Her Wedding Favorites

Alexis is as enthusiastic as they come when it comes to planning and coordinating. Learn about some of her all-time wedding favorites! 


Some of her all-time wedding favorites: 

Wedding Theme:

Modern rustic, romantic, and bohemian. It just adds a bit of adventure and

creativity into the day.

Color Theme:  I'm in love with wine red, ivory, sage, and gold. It is romantic

and timeless. 

Wedding Dessert:

Cupcakes! Not only are they easy, but they are also perfect bite-size snacks for your guests. Plus you can have all sorts of flavors, not just one.

Wedding Moment:

When the couple comes down the aisle. Every ceremony tugs at her heartstrings. There is this moment when the couple comes down the aisle when all their guests who have gathered to celebrate their love hold their breath. The couple looks so beautiful and amazing, there is no wonder why! 

Favorite part of being a coordinator: 

Witnessing the small magic we have in this world called love. There is nothing that compares to building this bond with our couples and making their special day exactly what they were hoping for.

Her Best Advice

Find special ways to customize your wedding to suit you. Perhaps you two have a favorite song, maybe play these during your vows. do you have a tv-show, book, or game that you both adore? Use these for favor inspirations. Have your dog be the ring bearer. Have inside jokes in your vows. There are so many ways to make your wedding more you. Tradition is not always the best way to go, sometimes you need to break away and make the day truly yours! 

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