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Meet Roz,CEO B*tch

Rosalynn aka CEO B*tch is the brains, heart, and passion behind the MPWA family. Starting MPWA in 2016, Roz has grown the business into what it is today. She has had the chance to work with so many wonderful couples, building bonds and friendships with them that go beyond the day of their wedding. She is our decor guru always adding new favorites to our decor inventory and providing couples with the insight and expertise for a wedding design that is expressive of who they are. Her dedication is unmatched, she gets sh*t done!

Her Wedding Favorites

Roz's passion is in everything wedding design. From the table runners to lanterns she knows her stuff. Her wedding favorites are nothing short of amazing: 


Some of her all-time wedding favorites: 

Wedding Theme: Everything rustic and romantic is the way to Roz's heart. There is

something breathtaking about a simple, yet artistic design. 

Color Theme: Natural beauty, neutral tones with white and sage. It is such a clean

beautiful look that brightens up the beauty of the venue. 

Wedding Dessert: Mini Bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt cakes.

They are really bundterful. 

Wedding Moment: The Grand Entrance. The love, happiness, and sense of accomplishment

coming from the couple is always the best. These are these first few moments as married partners and it is a special moment at each wedding. The party has started!

Favorite part of being a coordinator: The best part of being a coordinator is getting to put a couples vision into action. We want to make your wedding the dream you have been imagining since you first were engaged. We understand the importance of this day, the emotion that it holds and we are so lucky to be a part of the wedding and a little part of your story. At the end of the night when you two are dancing and you feel like the only two people in the world our hearts soar. That is what we aim for at MPWA, a day that celebrates who you are and everything your love holds. 

Her Best Advice

The best advice I have for any couple is to focus on each other and yourselves, especially on the day of your wedding. This is your love story and you both deserve a celebration that is as grand and beautiful as your relationship. Don't let the stress of family or friends take you away from realizing that at the end of the day, this wedding is about you two and the marriage you will build from here on out. Trust your coordinator, your loved ones, and those taking care of you on your big day and have some fun!