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Meet Ryan

Ryan is our go-to Man B*tch! Ryan is one of our coordinators, our handyman, and happens to be Roz's hubby. He is the helping hand that is putting together arbors, loading and unloading crates of decor and helping with his masculine insight into design. His strategic thinking is always useful leading up to weddings and on the day of. He is always thinking of the next thing and loves to chit chat with couples about their vision to truly understand everything they want out of their big day.   

Get to Know Ryan

Ryan was there when Roz first thought of My Perfect Assistant and my Perfect Wedding Assistant. He's always known she has the mind and heart of an entrepreneur and has brainstormed business ideas for years, always looking for the next project. Along the way, he too found his passion for event planning and watching someone's celebration come to life. When he is not working on the business with Roz he enjoys a barbecue when the rain permits it, spend time with Roz whether over dinner or simply cuddling with their dogs on the couch.    

His Wedding Favorites

Ryan has worked a lot of weddings and special events. He has branched out in retirement and birthday parties as well. 


Some of his all-time wedding favorites: 

Wedding Theme:

He adores the industrial look. Lights, bricks, and copper create the perfect

artistry and charm.

Color Theme: Sunset colors that pop in any season. Oranges, purples, blues,

and soft pinks. 

Wedding Dessert:

Churros, there such an unexpected yet warmly received dessert. People absolutely

adore this unique sweet treat while partying it up. 

Wedding Moment:

The first dance. This is such a special moment we as guests get to celebrate the couple as newlyweds! The moments that they share on the dance floor will be with them for the rest of their lives and it is always an honor to be part of that. 

Favorite part of being a coordinator: 

Ryan's favorite part of being a coordinator is seeing the happiness between the couple. There is a little magic that twinkles in their eyes on this day. They know that all this hard work is to celebrate their love and they get to enjoy it. Being a coordinator you see a lot of happily ever after's and yet they are always magical to us. 

His Best Advice

As a former groom and a current husband, he understands the pressure that you feel leading up to your wedding. The day goes by quick though and it is important to take it all in and appreciate the love you are surrounded with. This is the start of your life with your partner and everyone is here to celebrate you! Grooms don't be afraid to show some emotion whether that be as your partner walks down the aisle or when you have your first look. Embrace the love and happiness!