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Meet Sarah

A coordinator and a bartender, Sarah is the kind of person you need to rely on for your wedding! Her big heart always goes up and beyond for her couples. She knows how to make people smile, laugh, and party. Her business, Till the Last Drop, will provide you with the best service you can get. Not only does she bartend but she also coordinates! Her attention to detail and strategic thinking make her the perfect fit for those who want their vision to come to life. 

Get to Know Sarah

Sarah is a go-getter and a great leader. She knows how to get sh*t done and get it done right! When she isn't coordinating or bartending she enjoys working out, hiking, and spending time with her family. 

Her Wedding Favorites

Sarah is always there for you. Providing insight and advice when it is most needed. Her experience in weddings and bartending make her the perfect partner throughout the planning process! 


Some of her all-time wedding favorites: 

Wedding Theme:

Anything rustic and Victorian! 

Color Theme:

Green, ivory, and maroon. When the bridal party is wearing dramatic colors,

contrasted with the soft ivory it is jaw-dropping. 

Wedding Dessert:

 Cake with vanilla with lots of buttercream! It'll be hard to get me away from the 

cake table. 

Wedding Moment: 

Cocktail hour. It is really an underrated time! The couple is signing their marriage license and the excitement of the party is stirring in the crowd. People are walking around with giant smiles on their faces after watching the ceremony and enjoying their time with one another.  

Favorite part of being a coordinator: 

Getting to experience the happiness and love that goes into a wedding day! She is one for those emotional moments. To witness two people become one is like nothing else. Her favorite part of being a bartender is getting to know the guests and making sure they feel welcome.

Her Best Advice

The best advice Sarah has is to be patient. Be patient with the planning process, with your partner, and with yourselves. She understands the stress that you are feeling but it will work out in the end. There is always time to figure something out. Be your partner's encourager and listen to them when they suggest something that means a lot to them. Cooperate and remember this is a team project that expresses your best selves and love to those who are important to you. 

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